terms of service

  • I can decline your request if it is something I can't do

  • Up front payment, usd payment is made through paypal (invoice)

  • Prices may vary and require additional charges depending on the complexity of your character

  • Please credit my art whenever you use my art

  • Know that I may post commissioned work on my social medias; please let me know if you don't want me to

  • Only use my art for personal use

  • There is no wip unless requested or it's for a bigger project

  • You may request a few edits for a finished piece

  • Feel free to ask for a specific style

Feel free to PM if you have any other questions

if you agree to the terms, please fill out this form to order

order form

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  • commission type:

  • character ref:

  • personality:

  • additional info:


bust: $15

fullbody: $45


icons static 50x50:$15

page doll: $35

+$4 for simple animation (change expression/head bounce)
+$10-15 for complex animation (fullbody bounce)

headshots $35
halfbodies: $65

Price may change depending on complexity

chibi $35

headshots $30
fullbodies: $60